Dyeing Process:

As a leading manufacturer – with the traditional hand dyeing procedure, we also use jigar dyeing/roller dyeing extensively. This helps us in creating new style sarees and dress materials.


Printing Hot Tables:

Along with screen printing, we have also invested in modern and high-technology hot tables that ensure complete colour penetration and depth. These hot tables are very beneficial since production is not halted during the rainy season.


Embroidery Process:

We have invested in over 20 high-technology computerized embroidery machines, enabling most of the embroidery work to be completed in-house. Extensive work is also done through latest ZIC machines and Attached Silai Machines. The in-house embroidery machines are capable of doing embroidery on printed and dyed sarees. The detailing, neatness and uniqueness of these embroidered sarees has led this product line to become an instant success.


Finishing Processes:

Starching and Drying is the key part in finishing. We have invested heavily in bamboo finishing, ensuring that our products dry properly and completely after being starched. This process helps retain the stiffness in the fabric and also prevents the colour from spreading.


Quality Check, Folding, Ironing, Labelling, Packing & Final Dispatch complete the Process.